Weekly Jackpot for Tuesday, Sept. 11 is $53,000

September 11, 2018

It was standing room only at the Dugout Steakhouse last Tuesday as supporters of the Monroe City R-1 School Foundation gathered to buy tickets and wait for the 6 P.M. weekly drawing. Alas, the ticket drawn did not produce the coveted Ace of Diamonds. Ticket # 33 belonging to Justin Wilson revealed the Jack of Spades. The jackpot for this Tuesday night is now $53,167 with 13 sealed cards left, one of which contains the winning Ace of Diamonds. When the winning ticket is drawn and the lucky winner is present they will receive 75% of the Jackpot. If the winner is not present they will receive 60% of the jackpot. We urge everyone to come early Tuesday, get your tickets, get a seat, order some food and be a part of this exciting event. Tickets can also be purchased ahead to all local banks as well as the Senior Center. Online ticket purchase is available until early afternoon on Tuesday at mcr1edufoundation@monroe.k12.mo.us

Other recent weekly winners of $100 include: Todd Hays, Celia Hagan, Kaelyn Watts, Matthew Harris, and most recently Justin Wilson. Congratulations and deepest thanks to everyone who has helped the Foundation build resources for our annual classroom grant program benefitting all the students in the Monroe City school system.

In addition to the Weekly Raffle event the Foundation is actively seeking and accepting private, tax deductible gifts to grow our resource base. Scholarship, donor designated accounts, and legacy gifts are all available. We encourage those interested in investing in our school’s future to contact a member for more information.

Current board members are: Jennifer Richardson, President; Shane Spalding, Vice President; Diana Hendrix, Treasurer; Lou Lemen, Secretary, Gary Yager; Mark Saunders; Jim Masters; Olivia Earywine, and Dwaine Williams. Ex Officio Members: Dr. Tracy Bottoms, Donna Log, Sec. to the Board, and Linda Greening.