Paris High School Class of 1967 Celebrates Their 50th Reunion

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Class of 1967, left to right: First row - Anne Carman, class sponsor, Joyce (Jones) Mudd, Donna (Johnston) Bodine, Pat (Bates) Foree, Karen (Darnell) Ramsey, Marie Sinkclear, Gary Lewellen, Brenda (Dodge) Jones, Chanda (Miller) Huffman, Mary Jo (Threlkeld) Wilson, Peggy (Neale) Lewis, Michelle (Whelan) Dooley. Second row - Gloria (Newbrough) Leamer, Alice (Carpenter) Porter, Dr. Mary Jo (Bright) Crawford, Larry Eckman, Danny Purdy, Jim Bates, Jim Miller, Jim Thompson, Ronnie Calvert, Carl Bodine, Kathy (Noel) Brooks and Shirley Williams. Third row - Bob Hodits, David Tawney, Larry Turner, Larry Jones, Jim Ellis, Danny Dye, Marion Wilson, Donnie Mudd, Donnie Evans and Janice (Hamilton) Carman.