Tax Board Prepares Plans to Use Funds

by Beth Weber

Thanks to area residents passing the sales tax levy last spring, the City of Paris has a new influx of cash that is to be used to improve downtown business districts and increase job creation. Lisa Hollingsworth, City Superintendent, is excited about these funds but warns that plans for their use “are in very preliminary stages.”

The Economic Sales Tax Board, comprised of Chuck Herron, Raymond Batsell, Courtney Jones, Jody Hartgrove, and Dane Kendrick, has met several times to consider how to best use these funds, but they are required to follow strict government guidelines.
Michael Bugalski, a representative from the Macomb Area Economic Development Corporation or MAEDC, is offering the city valuable advice, according to Hollingsworth, who praises the organization for being a “wonderful” resource.
The not-for-profit, public corporation, offers its services to help attract, retain, and expand local businesses.
Hollingsworth stresses that Paris will see results from the increased sales tax in the future, but warns residents that establishing guidelines and legally dispensing the money will take time.