Blessing Health offers free cancer screening kits

February 24, 2024

In recognition of National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, Blessing

Health is providing free, take-home colorectal cancer screening kits to

the public during March, while supplies last.

Of the more than 153,000 people who are expected to be diagnosed with

colorectal cancer this year, only about 40% will be diagnosed in the

earliest stage, when the survival rate is 90%. That is because there

often are no clearly identifiable symptoms of the disease in its early

stage. Identifiable symptoms typically appear once colorectal cancer has

spread and the survival rate decreases. That fact makes screening a key

action in decreasing the risk for colorectal cancer.

Beginning March 1 and while supplies last, kits are available in the

following locations:

Blessing Resource Center, 420 N. 34th Street, Quincy

Illini Rural Health Clinic, Pittsfield

Blessing Health Hannibal

Blessing clinics in Golden, Mount Sterling and Hamilton Warsaw, IL;

Bowling Green, Kahoka, Monroe City and Palmyra, MO; and Keokuk, IA

Clark County Health Department, Kahoka, MO

Knox County Health Department, Edina, MO

Lewis County Health Department, Monticello, MO

Monroe County Health Department, Paris, MO

Kits can be picked up at the Blessing Cancer Center by appointment. Call

217-223-8400, ext. 7718 or email HYPERLINK


The free, take-home colorectal cancer screening kits are also available

by mail. Go to HYPERLINK "" for more information on that option, as

well as a list of kit pick-up locations and related information

regarding colorectal cancer care.