MFA Charitable Foundation donating funds to rural food banks

April 02, 2020

Impacts from COVID-19 epidemic stress local food pantry supplies..........

As a result of nationwide efforts to curb the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic, food pantries across MFA Incorporated’s trade area have seen an increase in demand for resources. To help fill that demand locally, the MFA Charitable Foundation will donate more than $50,000 to regional food banks and local food pantries.

“MFA’s trade area stretches across Missouri and into parts of Iowa, Kansas and Arkansas. Each of the rural communities we serve is affected by the COVID-19 virus and efforts to curb its spread,” said Ernie Verslues, president and CEO of MFA Incorporated. “This donation is to help address the increased need in those places.”

In Missouri, donated funds will be divided among Feeding Missouri’s six food banks, which distribute food to multiple pantries in each region of the state. Funding for surrounding states will be distributed to food pantries as directed by local MFA facilities.

“We are hearing from food banks that the situation is causing many people to seek access to food assistance for the first time. School closures have added pressure to family food needs. Additionally, event cancellations mean that food drives and other fundraisers have stopped,” said Wayne Nichols, chairman of the MFA Incorporated Board of Directors. “Donations from the MFA Charitable Foundation are provided out of its dedication to these communities and especially to families facing difficult financial decisions as a result of the current upheaval,” said Nichols.

On average, each dollar donated to a food bank can provide 12 pounds of food to families in need.

“This pandemic has created a perfect storm of challenges for food banks and pantries. Demand has already increased by as much as 30%, and it’s generally accepted that the worst is yet to come. All of this is happening while volunteers are canceling, fundraisers are postponed, and food donations are plummeting. The timing of this donation couldn’t be better,” said Scott Baker, state director of Feeding Missouri.

The MFA Charitable Foundation was formed in 2005 to support community projects in rural communities where MFA Incorporated operates.

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