Publisher’s Note

April 01, 2020

During these trying times I would like to take a moment to explain where your small-town paper stands amidst this nationwide health crisis. Before this is all over, I have little doubt that each and every household will be touched in some way by sickness, loss of a loved one or by the economic impact that mass shutdowns will undoubtedly create.

We are all in this together and everyone needs to be even more aware of others’ needs and burdens. Many have stepped up to deliver groceries, spend a few extra dollars at a struggling restaurants that are drive-thru or carry-out still, adjust business norms to cater to customers, and by donating time or food or money. Even by just staying home you are helping "flatten the curve" (which is more important than you realize). I am proud to be a part of this community.

This is why I am writing you today. Our business relies solely on the support of readership and local small businesses. With both individuals and small business taking a big hit, you can imagine this newspaper will also bare the brunt of the impact. While small-town papers are becoming fewer and fewer, possible outcomes are looking grim.

One thing we do well is share information. If people aren’t looking for us to share their news then we may not survive this ordeal intact, which will be unfortunate for everyone. I appreciate those of you who are trying to get word out as much as possible, but know that we can save you a bit of time as we have the ability to post information on our website, Facebook, e-mail alerts and text alert messages. We are also able to print information in the newspaper for those who do not use the internet. Our reach is undoubtedly a powerhouse in Monroe C County.

Here are three ways you can help (even a little help goes a long way!):

1. One way you can ensure the survival of the Monroe County Appeal is to keep us in mind when communicating any information to the community. Help us become THE source people look for all IN ONE PLACE. We can only do so much without your help. We want to share your info! But that can’t be done if you haven’t first shared the info with us. A small way YOU can help keep YOUR paper around is by occasionally sending us info that hasn’t already been published on social media so we can be the first to put it out there. We do our best to unearth unique information on our own, but the more leads the better!

2. Another way you can help us is by frequenting the small businesses that advertise in the Monroe County Appeal. This is extremely important, because if they fail, we fail. Or even become a regular advertiser, your advertising could make a world of difference for the paper, your business and the customers looking for you. And advertising is tax deductible!

3. Lastly, become a subscriber. Try it online! Same information (always up to date and breaking information and articles!). I promise you will learn something new, and inherit a whole new appreciation for us and for your community. We have a special online only subscription coming up you will want to jump on if you haven’t already!

Thank you for all your cooperation and consideration in keeping our community safe, both today and in the future, and helping make it one we can be proud of.

Robin Gregg

Monroe County Appeal

Publisher/Sales Manager

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