Paris R-II Closes Due to COVID-19 Precautions

March 18, 2020

March 18, 2020

Paris R-II Students, Parents, Guardians and Staff,

The Paris R-II School District values the health and well-being of our students, staff, and visitors as well as the community as a whole. This is a fluid situation and requires us to make decisions based on data, consultation with health care professionals, and guidance from the CDC. With a confirmed case in Boone County, we will be closing our school at the end of school today, March 18. All school activities including Parent-Teacher conferences, athletic and extracurricular practices and competitions will be cancelled during the time our schools are closed. Our buildings will be closed to the public during this time as well. A return date has not been set and we will reevaluate April 3.

Our staff has been diligently working on contingency plans to maintain support for students during the extended closure. Staff will continue to ensure that students have access to instructional and nutritional resources. We will use tomorrow, Thursday, March 19, to prepare lessons for each student to complete. An updated form will be sent home today and needs to be returned either electronically or in person tomorrow, Thursday, March 19, regarding whether you will pick up your student’s lessons or we will need to deliver the lessons. If at any time you change your mind and would like food services, please let us know. Food services will be handled in a similar manner. Free food service will be available to all students as well as all children under the age of 18. This includes children who are not in school due to age or any other reason. All means all. Please see the attached plan for more details. The distribution process, whether in person pick up or delivery will be on Tuesday, March 24. This allows for the lesson distribution and food distribution to take place on the same day. Food distribution will take place weekly (March 24, March 30, April 6, etc).

Strong communities come together during difficult times. We are keenly aware that this emergency closure will have a significant impact on our families. We appreciate your partnership in helping us deliver the best possible outcomes for our students in an uncertain situation. Our children look to us for guidance, model calm and help reassure them that the adults in their lives are doing everything in their power to meet their needs.

The deep cleaning and sanitation process will continue during the closure.

Stay True to Our Mission “Building a Foundation for a Positive Future”

How to prepare our students so they are ready for when they return?

How to prepare our students so they have the needed skills to advance?


a. Nothing set in stone

b. Everything set in the shifting sands

This plan is intended to support the learning and development of our students and lessen the academic impact caused by this health crisis. This plan does not replace the regular instruction that takes place every day in our classrooms.

A. Delivery of Learning Services

a. Each teacher will create/plan lessons to be included in a packet for each student to last for 10 or more days. We will do this tomorrow, March 19.

i. pen/pencil and paper based

ii. Textbook/reading material based

1. Read Naturally

2. Leveled text

iii. Can do at home

iv. Technology could serve as a supplement for students with access (below are some options) - Supplemental only, not all students have reliable internet access

1. iReady

2. Examples on Youtube

3. Have devices (chromebooks) available if a student/parent requests

b. Student Accountability

i. Varies based on grade level and content area to content area

ii. Comprehensive Assessment/Quiz when students return over the material in order to gauge student learning and skill mastery

c. Planning

i. Upon the closure announcement, teacher will prepare packets the following day (March 19) and be ready for distribution when all materials have been prepared

ii. Supplies

1. We will provide the following in the packets

a. lessons/activities

b. Notebook

c. Pens/pencils

d. Teacher Availability

i. Teachers will be available via email on an as needed basis.

e. Delivery of Packets

i. Packets will be available for pick up or delivered on March 24.

ii. Please complete the form so we know how to distribute.

B. Delivery of Nutritional Services

a. Breakfast and Lunch

b. FREE to all students and all children under the age of 18. This includes children who are not in school.

c. Picked up or delivered each week starting March 24

i. Example: March 24 - 27 (4 breakfasts and 4 lunches per child)

ii. Example: March 30 - April 3 (5 breakfast and 5 lunches per child)

d. Pick Up Locations

i. Paris Elementary School

ii. First Baptist Church

e. Please complete and return the form either in person or electronically

i. Form will also be posted on our Facebook page

C. Evaluation of Services

a. We will re-evaluate each week starting April 3 using the resources below.

i. Contact Monroe County Health Department

ii. Examine current trends

iii. Stay up to date

iv. Etc.

D. Calendar

a. Extend school year to account for the lost days and learning

E. Communication

a. Updates will be given through the following

i. Email

ii. Facebook

iii. Textcaster


Dr. Aaron Vitt


Paris R-II School District