Madison School Threats

February 10, 2020

By Aimee Higgins

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office investigated a suspicious phone call to the Madison School on January 29th.

According to Chief Deputy Joe Colston the threat was allegedly made by a student in another school district towards specific students in Madison.

As it was unclear at the time of the call if the student that made the call had access to transportation or weapons, deputies investigated and patrolled the school grounds until they were confident in the safety of the students and staff in the Madison School District.

The student that made the alleged threat has been located and no actual steps were taken to follow through with the threat to the school.

The case has been turned over to the Randolph County Juvenile Office.

A Moberly student who made threats towards a group of four Madison students last week. The parents/guardians of the students involved were notified when the issue arose. Neither our school or students are in any danger at this time.

To clarify, there was never a threatening phone call made to the school.