From the Publisher

September 16, 2019

It’s so great to see all of the fans that come out and support Monroe County youth in sports and clubs! I’m positive it means a lot to each athlete and member!

We would really appreciate it if you took a minute out of your busy day and share our Facebook page with your family and friends and/or invite them to follow or like. The more we have the more news we have to share with you!! We have a goal of 3500 by September 30th and if we reach this goal, we will randomly give out a FREE one year online subscription to one of those who has shared and invited.

The Appeal is also running a limited time special. If you purchase an advertisement for the paper, we will post the same ad on our Facebook page absolutely FREE! The Appeal also offers website advertising as well.

Hope you are enjoying all of the upgrades and changes we have been working on for you. We are excited for our future!

We appreciate all of the articles from different events and photos being submitted for sports! The Appeal Staff can’t be everywhere at once, having more eyes and ears out in the community certainly does help build our paper, THANK YOU!

Leap Day