From the Publisher

August 11, 2019

By Robin Gregg

What a week at the Appeal! I’ve been busy visiting with each Monroe County school district. It sure is sad that there has to be so much security these days! I remember when I went to school and the windows and doors were wide open and you could walk freely in and out. Not today!!!

While visiting each school, we have initiated new columns that will be published on a weekly basis. Each school district will be submitting “Student of the Week”; “Staff Member of the Week”; “Senior Spotlight”; as well as “FFA Member of the Week”. These columns will have a photo, 100 words that describe them for the specific column and a sponsor in the county which is a 2x2 business card ad. We are really excited about showcasing Monroe County individuals. I have a couple of sponsors, but, am in need of a few more. This is optional as far as how often your sponsorship will run. If you have specific individuals you would like to sponsor, please contact me.

This week, we are spotlighting Monroe County schools that have hired new teachers/administration and sports schedules.

We have amazing sports sponsorship this year! Thank you to all of the businesses who have become sponsors.

Chris Willingham will be writing the Paris sports articles again this year and Michael Williams will be writing the Monroe City sports articles this year. Both have been active in sports when they were younger and proud supporters of today’s teams. Trazarra Chapman will be writing the Paris Youth Football articles. I’m really excited to have all on our team!
This coming month, I will be looking for sponsors for different sections of the paper. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for one of the following sections, please contact me; Paris Chamber; Monroe City Chamber; Down on the Farm; Senior Living; Restaurant Guide; Business Directory; Outdoor Living; Shop in Shelbina; Shop in Monroe City; Shop in Mexico; or Shop in Moberly.

As always, we welcome any submissions for photos and/or articles! Hope you all have a fantastic week.