Letter to the Editor-Madison Cemetery Flags

June 30, 2019

Dear Editor,

I couldn't believe that I felt the need to write this letter but I am very upset.

Last year, my husband Larry, decided that the Madison cemetery needed to honor our veterans and deceased people of our community. He posted letters and called people to give donations to buy flags for the cemetery. He fixed all the flags on white poles, put names of who was honored or in memory of and took all the needed steps to get them posted. He took them down, stored them, and had to request more flags this year because of the weather damage to some of the flags. They were flying before Memorial Day and were to be there until after July


WHOEVER felt the need to take some of the flags needs to know this is NOT what we do in Madison. Madison is a supporting community of our veterans both past and present. Our cemetery is well taken care of and honors everyone.

WHOEVER did this needs to know, we would have gladly given or bought a flag for them if they had only asked. We pray that their need for the flags was greater than our need to show respect for our community.

Ann Jones