Farmer of the Month - Maubach Farms: Greg*Anna*Remington*Dominic

May 01, 2019

By Robin Gregg

This month’s “Farmer of the Month” hits close to home for many reasons. I’ve known Greg Maubach my entire life, as his father, Bob Maubach, rented my father’s pasture to his cattle for many years. Greg currently rents our family’s crop land and Greg’s wife, Anna, and I graduated from South Shelby High School together.

Greg is a fourth generation Maubach farmer. His Great-Grandpa and Grandpa started farming in Henry, Illinois. Bob took over and moved to north Monroe County, Missouri when Greg was four years old. Greg and his family have built a home and has grew their farm since 1993 just over the field and the famous Maubach Pond from his Dad and Mom, Patti.

“We farm our own land and rental land properties of 3500 acres and manage 60 head of cattle which are mainly grass fed, some grain fed,” said Greg.

When asked what has changed since he started to learn how to farm, Greg replied by saying, “Probably the largest thing that has changed is the equipment, it is much larger in scale and more technical. Also, the chemicals have drastically changed especially on the corn and soybeans, and the other large issue that has changed are seed genetics.”

“My worries are that crop prices are at a all time low in 15 years along with high interest. I’m optimistic that the crop prices will go up though,” said Greg.

Greg and Anna have two sons, Remington (8th Grade) and Dominic (5th Grade). Farming is definitely a family adventure. “It is a group effort, certainly couldn’t do this alone. Anna, our boys, and two employees help me,” said Greg.

Remington has learned every aspect of their farm, he’s a huge help to his Dad.

Greg’s least favorite about farming is winter time and taking care of the cattle in snow and cold temperatures but his favorite about farming, is the actual planting and watching your hard work grow.

Congratulations Maubach Farms, May “Farmer of the Month”.