Farmer of the Month- Z Base Farms, Inc Aaron Ensor

March 08, 2019

By Robin Gregg

I am extremely honored to announce Aaron Ensor of Z Base Farms, Inc as Monroe County Appeal’s March “Farmer of the Month”. I’ve known Aaron and his family for many years, as we both went to Granville Christian Church. Their farm is located on Route F in Monroe County.

The Hog Farm was started by Aaron’s Grandfather, Charles Ensor. Charles had two very small confinements. Aaron has expanded the original family operation to ensure an opportunity for future generations. The name of the farm today is Z Base Farms, Inc; originated in 1996, by Aaron’s Father, Kent Ensor. Aaron took over the farm after his father passed.

When asked if Aaron was involved with FFA, he said, “Unfortunately when I was in high school, there was not an active FFA Chapter. I wish there had been, because, I would have been proud to be apart of such a great organization; although there was a group of us that farmed that stuck together,” said Aaron.

Today Z Base Farms, Inc has 23,000 head of hogs in twelve hog barns on four properties and row crops 500 acres of bean and corn rotation. They use the hog manure to fertilize their ground.

“I started driving a tractor when I was seven years old, and I’ve been around hogs all of my life,” said Aaron.

I throughly enjoyed, minus the smell that any livestock makes, seeing the piglet barn. The piglets have it made in 80 degree temperatures. As they get older, the barn temperature is never below 65 degrees. When mature enough, they sell to packers to supply customers with good, clean and safe pork products.

Aaron is accompanied by Angie; children, Kaylie; Kentlie; Kyndall; and Cooper. His children loves to play with the piglets. They’ve gone as far as making pets out of some piglets and constructing necklaces and putting them on the piglets and pushing them in a shopping cart.

He is a member of Granville Christian Church and Family Life Fellowship in Moberly. Aaron is also a member Masonic Lodge of Holliday #660 and a member of the Mark Twain Country Club.

Z Base Farms, Inc has employees Aaron would like to recognize: Tom Secrease (wife-Sarah; children-Emma and Bramul); Rick Painter (children-Josh, Ricki, and Dylan); Brian Kendrick (wife-Sarah; children-Logan, Colton, Tristen, and Amber).

I asked Aaron if he was a John Deere or Case International fan; he said, “Oh no, not green, it’s red here, Case International was my dad’s favorite and is mine as well.”

Congratulations Aaron on March, “Farmer of the Month”.