Letter to the Editor-Paris Area Chamber

February 28, 2019

If you are involved with any organization, especially on the administrative level, you quickly learn to appreciate VOLUNTEERS who are reliable, willing hands and donations. It has been my privilege to serve on the boards of the Senior Center, the Downtown Paris, Monroe County IDA, and as President of your area Chamber.
There are so many good, talented people in Paris, as with most communities….and generous. One of the hardest things we do is solicit donations – and this community as much or more than any other I have been affiliated with, turns it pockets, hearts and hands out to support the many good causes that come their way.

Over the past few years, the Chamber has struggled to remain viable. Currently, I serve as the President and the office secretary – so bear with us while we re-organize in our new location at 225 North Main Street. We are excited about some things you will see coming about shortly and the strong board that now serves.
Our new location is the reason for this letter – when we learned we would need to find a new location we knew we wanted to continue to have a presence on Main Street. As we searched, one thing became obvious – our budget did not allow for many options available to us. To that end, Jason Dodge graciously consented to leasing a space to us in the Regional Missouri Medical building next to Paris Pharmacy at a very nominal fee to help the Chamber out. We would like to express our appreciation to Jason for his generous support not only to the Chamber throughout the past years, but to the Paris area as well. His commitment is greatly appreciated.

Jo Reynolds, President

Paris Area Chamber of Commerce