**Love Story of the Year** Everett and Lela Arnett

February 11, 2019
Everett and Lela Arnett. Photo by Robin Gregg Everett and Lela Arnett. Photo by Robin Gregg

By Robin Gregg

When I was searching for a couple that had spent most of their lifetime together, I wasn’t expecting to have such a sweet couple to meet and spend time with than Everett and Lela Arnett from Paris. The happy couple will be married 69 years next month.

Their daughter, Karen, nominated her Mother and Father for this special edition and I couldn’t be more prouder to share their “love story”.

It was love at first sight; Everett was following behind a school bus and saw Lela get off that very school bus at a stop! He knew then he had to meet her!

I asked Everett if he remembered their first date. “I don’t, it has been a very long time since then,” said Everett. The couple dated for a good while before getting married in March of 1950.

Lela’s sister and Everett’s brother stood up with them at their wedding and they ended up marrying each other as well, it’s quite the story in itself.

Everett worked in Mexico for 43 years at the Brick Plant-Kisers-National. Lela worked at the Garment Factory sewing shirts and in the kitchen at the Monroe Manor besides being a busy mother of six children: Chris; Gene; Karen; Shirley; Julie; and Sandy.

“I let Lela discipline and basically made the decisions when it came to our children. I made the mistake one time of telling her about a particular decision I didn’t like and she said, ‘well if you don’t like it then you can wash the diapers’; I knew from then on to keep my mouth shut,” said Everett.

The couple has always done everything together as much as possible. “We’ve went fishing, rabbit hunting, I’d cut the wood for our furnace and Lela would load the truck, we’ve made lots of quilts, put a many puzzles together, painted, made maple syrup from trees and made blackberry and Grape Wine from our vines, we had our ups and downs, but, we worked through it every time,” said Everett.

Everett and Lela has traveled in the United States to Nashville, Tennessee in a 1953 Chevy to visit their brother and they had their baby at the time on the floor board. They also took a train to Colorado, New Mexico into Arizona.

“We didn’t have much money, but, we did what we could do. Nobody was ever going hungry or needed anything,” said Everett.

They were given an old wooden cook stove. Lela learned quickly how to use it and become a very good cook and could bake really well too. I understand her peach cobbler is fantastic!

Everett and Lela have lots of grandchildren and great-grandchildren they are extremely proud of. This couple is a perfect example of how a love story should be. They have always been supportive of each other and helpful to each other as well. Sixty-nine years is a long time to be happily married.

Their story is definitely a “Love Story to tell”.