Dunkle Retires After 31 Years in Collector’s Office

February 11, 2019
Anita Dunkle, Monroe County Collector retiring. Photo by Robin Gregg. Anita Dunkle, Monroe County Collector retiring. Photo by Robin Gregg.

By Robin Gregg

If you live in Monroe County, you are familiar with Anita Dunkle in the Collector’s Office in the Courthouse. Anita is retiring as of March 1st. I was honored to meet and talk with Anita about her life and plans of retirement.

Anita is a graduate of Paris High School Class of 1974. This was where God had taken over Anita’s path.....after graduating from her Senior Year, Anita starting working for Dr. Barnett after he approached her about working in his office after stitching up her head from an accident involving a band float trailer incident. She worked with Dr. Barnett for seven years until she got pregnant with her first child.

After deciding to stay at home she was approached about babysitting for a friend, she took her up on it, this way, she could be home with her own children as well.

When trying to decide rather or not to go back to work after having her two children, Shanna and Philip, Anita was again approached if she would be interested in working in Reassessment at the Courthouse. She again, accepted the opportunity.

Another opportunity presented itself with the Monroe County Abstract. Anita accepted the offer to transfer over.

When a Collector’s office position opened from another retirement, Anita was asked if she’d be interested. Anita accepted and knew this is where God has led her to.

Anita loves to work with numbers; so she decided to accept the invitation for the position in October 1987 in the very same office she is in today, 31 years later!!

Anita said, “God definitely put these people in my life at the right time when he saw fit for me to move on, I’m very blessed.”

“I love my job, meeting new people and when things balance out, it makes me feel good that I’m doing something right for Monroe County. Last year, I was involved in a collection of eight million in taxes,” said Anita.

Technology has changed quite a bit since starting in 1987. Everything was paper when she started.

“I can remember the back room had a very large computer which took up a lot of space. We had reels and reels of files which took up a lot of space to store. Now, everything has been condensed and computerized and we accept credit cards now, we were never able to do that before,” said Anita.

It’s a lot less time consuming to simply do a task then it was when Anita started.

Anita is extremely proud to have worked closely with Glenn Turner to have asked the elected officials to purchase more flag poles and flags to brighten the lawn of the Courthouse. These are now used from Memorial Day to Veterans Day every year.

Over the years, Anita has been part of the Paris Chamber, served on the Paris Senior Citizen Center board, youth group leader at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Mexico, volunteered with the local preschool program and is a huge supporter of the Supporters of Monroe County Cancer Program.

“I am looking forward to spending more time with my grandkids: Reese (11); Kable (8) and Rowan (8 months). My husband, Ron, and I would like to travel. I particularly want to go to Maine in the Fall and see the beautiful colors. Being it’s the busiest time of the year in the Collector’s Office during Fall, I’ve never been able to take off work and go, I can now,” said Anita.

A Retirement Party is scheduled at the Monroe County Courthouse, February 21st from 2pm to 4pm on the first floor. Stop by and wish her well and enjoy refreshments.