Dear Editor

February 07, 2019

I am the President of the Howard County Missouri Genealogical Society and I am writing to attempt to locate family of a man who was from your town in the 1880s to 1900. Here is the story:

On 24 December 1901, Eddie Foster Middleton was killed in New Franklin Missouri. He was the City Marshall and he was attempting to arrest a man for public drunkenness and the man shot Middleton in the head and killed Middleton. I have located several newspaper articles and Eddie was from Paris and is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Paris.

I checked the 1880 census and Eddie is listed in the census in Jackson Township, Monroe County. His family consisted of his father John, mother Mary and brothers James, Sterling, Monroe and Josine and sister Lizzie. Eddie was born 22 December 1870.

The reason I am looking for any family members is that I would like to get Eddie listed on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. Their website is located at In order to get this done, family members need to be located.

I have already gotten Eddie place on the Officer Down Memorial Page. His specific page is located at foster-middleton,

One newspaper article I found says he was a nephew of an "I. Boulware" from Centralia Missouri. I located an Isham Boulware on and I am pretty sure that is his uncle. Eddie's memorial on is located at

I would greatly appreciate anyone who may be related to Eddie, or know of anyone who may be related to him, to contact me at my email: I feel badly that Eddie was killed in the town in which I live and feel strongly he needs to be listed in these memorial sites.

I have posted this information on the Monroe County Historical Society & Nancy E. Stone Research Center, Paris MO page on as well, so I am trying everything I know to locate these people.

I appreciate the paper publishing this letter and sincerely hope some good comes from this communication.

Harold MKerr, President Howard County Missouri Genealogical Society

Home address: 106 Court Street, Apt 26 New Franklin MO 65274-9744 573-355-4018

Email: chiefman

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