Missouri Infrastructure Investment - Focus on Bridges

January 31, 2019

Missouri has 10,385 bridges – the sixth most in the nation. More than 900 of those bridges are in poor condition and 1,194 are weight restricted. Four hundred and fifty bridges fall into both categories.

Governor Mike Parson has recognized the need for additional funding for infrastructure projects in our state and has put forth a proposal to repair or replace hundreds of the state’s worst bridges. Specifically, the plan will ask the legislature to consider a concurrent resolution that directs MoDOT and the Office of Administration to enter a financing agreement to fund 250 bridge projects – bridges that are already programmed for repair or replacement in the current Statewide Transportation Improvement Program.

The proposal is set up to supplement existing transportation revenue with general revenue to pay off the debt. The resolution also calls for the bond proceeds to be deposited into the State Road Fund – meaning the money can only be used for state road and bridge projects.

Not only will the governor’s proposal allow us to fix hundreds of poor bridges throughout the state, it will also enable us to deliver additional high-priority transportation projects statewide using the funding already dedicated to these bridges in our current construction program and for which our nationally recognized local planning process will be used.

In the years 2020-2023 -In Monroe County--Monroe US 24 Bridge improvements over Middle Fork Salt River 1.0 mile west of Rte. 15 near Paris-will cost $1 1,185

For the complete listing visit: https://www.modot.org/sites/default/files/documents/STIP%20Bridges%202020-2023%20trimmed%20down_update.pdf