Editor's Note

January 25, 2019

By Robin Gregg, Monroe County Appeal Editor

Hello Monroe County!! How does everyone like what Mother Nature has blessed us with during the last couple of weeks? What a January! Schools won’t get out until Summertime at this rate! I know my kids are enjoying the time off now, but, won’t like making those days up later.

I’ve officially been the Editor at the Monroe County Appeal for six months now, and I gotta be completely honest, I love it! I’m meeting lots of new people, catching up with those that I’ve known for years, and having fun learning different aspects of what makes Monroe County, Missouri tick.

This month, I have introduced new sections that will be in the Appeal on a monthly basis: “Farmer of the Month”, which will spotlight a local farmer and his farm/family; “Hero of the Month” will recognize a firefighter, paramedic, first responder, deputy sheriff, policemen and what they bring to the county; and “Person of the Month” which will highlight a particular person that goes above and beyond for their community.

We are working on adding more sections of the paper, such as “Discover the Heartland”, which will give details to a one-day trip from Monroe County.

My plan for 2019 is to bring in more touching home stories along with the news stories. For February, I am interviewing different couples that have been married several years and share their love story as well as any advice for others. I am also working on a quarterly plan to run subscription specials and contests.

My goal is to also engage with you through our facebook page. I started sharing Daily National Holidays, this past week, and January 23 was National Pie Day, and I had several comment on their favorite pie. I love the interaction this brings with me and the community. I want to build out on engaging mechanisms through our website and facebook page.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, if you have an online subscription to the Monroe County Appeal, You will find daily articles (before you will see them in the newspaper) along with lots of pictures and when there is breaking news, as a subscriber, you will be the first to hear about it!!! We do offer a free trial period. Subscribe Today! www.monroecountyappeal.com

I’m always open to new ideas and suggestions! Feel free to email me at robingregg@monroecountyappeal.com