"Person of the Month" - Tara Garside

January 04, 2019

By Robin Gregg

When I started in July 2018 as Editor of the Monroe County Appeal, I met Tara Garside at the Paris Senior Citizen’s Center and immediately felt a huge welcome from her. We’ve become friends since then and I am proud to announce Tara as the Monroe County Appeal’s first “Person of the Month”.

Tara moved to Paris from Moberly in 2004. Tara was a Dietary Supervisor for Monroe Manor until 2010, where she accepted the Paris Senior Citizen’s Center Administrative position.

“I didn’t have any idea what I had gotten myself into upon accepting the Administrative position, The Shelbina and Monroe City Senior Citizen’s Directors were a huge help to me,” said Tara.

Tara fell in love with the Paris Community when she asked for help to bring the Senior Center back from a huge hole financially. Tara started a Saturday Breakfast Buffet to bring in more funds and wrote articles in the Monroe County Appeal describing what the Center offered and what the Center needed during a several week plan. Donations came in from all over the Paris Community to help her and save their Center.

“Everyone helps everyone, it’s amazing, after this experience with everyone’s love and support, I knew I had found a good home for me, I was extremely humbled,” said Tara.

During the last six months, I’ve observed Tara in many different roles she plays in the community. Tara is a huge asset from the senior population all the way down to children’s ages.

Over the years since moving to Paris, Tara has been a Paris Rotary Club member, NECAC Board Member, and is on the Paris Chamber Board. Tara is always helping anyone who needs help!

“I really need to learn the word NO,” laughingly said Tara.

This past Christmas is Caring event meant the world to her, because of the nostalgia brought back into the community, especially by bringing back the Santa house with Santa handing out sacks to the kids with oranges and candy like it used to be. “I hope we can do these types of projects more all through the year,” said Tara.

“I am looking forward in working with the Downtown group to rejuvenate Paris, but, I’m only as good as the help and support from other volunteers and board members.” said Tara.

The Monroe County Appeal will be recognizing those community members throughout Monroe County that stand out professionally, personally, and demonstrates the love for community once a month. If you see someone who should be recognized, please let us know.

Congratulations Tara!! Thank you for all you do for the Paris Community.