Marion County Endowment Growing Fund, Impact

January 02, 2019

Fund Council encourages residents to invest in Marion County by contributing towards $25,000 goal.....

Four years ago, Marion County citizens accepted an invitation to establish a charitable endowment for the county.

They realized that the endowment would help retain and grow assets to support charitable needs and opportunities for generations to come. When the group, known as the Marion County Fund Council, raised $15,000, the Community Foundation Serving West Central Illinois & Northeast Missouri matched it with $15,000.

Since then, approximately 40 people, organizations, and businesses have contributed to the endowment, investing in a permanent fund, which supports needs and opportunities in Marion County and will do so for generations.

Earlier this year, the Marion County Endowment Fund Council set a goal to add $25,000 to its endowment so it can ultimately increase its grantmaking impact. To date, the Fund has raised nearly 30 percent of that goal and is asking Marion County residents to consider contributing to the endowment.

“The Fund Council members are pleased with the response we have received,” said Irene Meyers, Marion County Fund Council Chair. “We are still hoping to receive additional contributions by January 15, when our Fund Council will gather to celebrate another year of growth. Growing the Marion County Fund is an opportunity for each of us to give a gift that will never quit serving the projects, causes, or needs for Marion County for a very long time. Thank you for your donations!”

The fund benefits local projects, programs and nonprofit organizations in Marion County. The Marion County Fund Council makes recommendations for grants from the fund through the Community Foundation’s annual Competitive Grant program. Since its first grants in 2015, more than $7,500 has been granted to Marion County nonprofits to benefit local children, the homeless, education, and to provide mental health assistance to residents in need.

“Marion County is home. You have invested your life, your family, your work, and more. If Marion County has been good to you, why not give back to it? When we grow the fund, we grow the amount we’re able to invest back into the nonprofits who support our quality of life,” added Meyers.

Gifts to the Marion County Endowment Fund are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Gifts of cash, checks, securities, grain, and more are welcome. Please contact the Community Foundation for more information. The Community Foundation Serving West Central Illinois & Northeast Missouri, a not-for-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status.

Local Contact:

Irene Meyers

Marion County Endowment Fund Council Chair


Community Foundation Contact:

Catherine Bocke Meckes

Development & Outreach Director

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The Community Foundation Serving West Central Illinois & Northeast Missouri builds permanent charitable funds to assist area nonprofits and communities.

Its mission, “connecting people who care with causes that matter,” is achieved by gathering funds, growing them through investments, then granting to nonprofit organizations, causes or communities that mean the most to its donors.

Since 1997, the Community Foundation has made more than $5 million in grants. It serves 12-counties: Adams, Brown, Hancock and Pike in Illinois and Clark, Lewis, Marion, Ralls, Pike, Knox, Shelby and Monroe in Missouri.

The Community Foundation has IRS 501(c)(3) status, and contributions made to the Community Foundation generally qualify for the maximum allowable deductions for income and estate tax purposes.

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