Wilcox Receives Recognition for 12 years of Service

October 08, 2018
John Wilcox is pictured with Mayor John Long. Photo by Chandra Grawe. John Wilcox is pictured with Mayor John Long. Photo by Chandra Grawe.

During the Monroe City Town Meeting, October 4, John Wilcox was recognized for his 12 years of service as City Attorney. Monroe City Mayor, John Long, presented Wilcox with a plaque.

"During my 10 years as Mayor I was often asked why I would want such a ‘thankless’ job. The truth is that it wasn’t thankless. Sure, there were problems and complaints to deal with, but leadership is just a series of encountering and solving problems and challenges. For every person who had a complaint there was generally another one who had a compliment or a thank you, and that made the job fulfilling. However, in small town government there is truly one position that really is ‘thankless’. That is the job of city attorney. The city attorney gets to deal with all the problems, complaints and challenges, but never gets the thank you. The city attorney knows State law and City ordinances frontward and backward and uses that knowledge to make sure that an ever-changing board of elected officials don’t do something dumb that gets the city in trouble. Monroe City has been very fortunate to have John Wilcox as our city attorney for the past 12 years. John never mixed words and I always appreciated his straight-forward, honest advice and counsel. I know there are some people in our community who felt that since John lived in Shelbina, he couldn’t have the best interests of our community at heart. John’s wife is from Monroe City. His in-laws live here. He owns property here. He pays taxes here. During thousands of conversations over the last 10 years I came to understand that John is passionate about both Shelbina and Monroe City. He’s much more passionate about our community than many of chronic complainers who live here. As John steps down as Monroe City’s attorney, we are once again fortunate that he will be replaced by his partner, Michael Williams. Michael is a hometown guy who is just as passionate about the success of our community and will have the ear of the guy with 12 years of municipal experience. John, thank you for your service and commitment to Monroe City. It is greatly appreciated," said Neal Minor.