Paris Business Building and Expanding

August 09, 2018

By Robin Gregg

If you have driven out of town on Highway 15 North, you may be wondering what is going on with a long lane of gravel and no building. Until about a week ago, there wasn’t even a sign. Well, today, I spoke with Logan Agri-Service, Inc; Joe Hallock, Sales Manager, and John Kelley, Project Manager.

Logan Agri-Service, Inc. is currently renting a building west of Paris on highway 24, and is constructing a 60x120 office/warehouse just north of Putnam Tire. This location will also employ the two current employees, Dean Osborn and Megan Morgan.

“We chose this location on highway 15 & highway 24 for the road frontage, we will be seen by all traffic and easy access to our facility,” said Hallock.

The new facility features 1440 sq. ft. office including some private offices, reception area and combination break room and conference room. The warehouse will be 5760 sq. ft. and will be used for storage of crop protection chemicals, seed, motor oil and lubrication products.

The warehouse area is completely diked to protect the environment in the event of a spill or leak. The expanded warehouse area enables Logan Agri-Service, Inc. to maintain a more abundant supply of products our customers need during the busy spring planting and application season.

“Our main facility in Griggsville, IL offers the same products as the Paris location, as well as dry and liquid fertilizer, anhydrous ammonia, custom application and petroleum. Additionally, Logan Ag has a fleet of petroleum tankers providing delivery service to approximately 40 convenience stores in Illinois and Missouri. Logan Ag, through a network of associates, distributes crop protection chemicals throughout the Midwest including Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. The company employs 35 full-time, along with several part-time workers and college interns during the spring and fall planting and application seasons,” said President, Edward Logan.

Logan Ag plans to open the new Paris warehouse in fall of 2018. CW Construction out of Griggsville, IL is constructing the building.

"Our hopes are to grow and expand in what we have to offer our customers,” said Kelley.