Paris Coyotes 2018 Football Team

August 06, 2018

By: Robin Gregg

The Paris Coyotes started their 2018 season with practice, Monday morning, August 6. I took the opportunity to take a few photos. Monday's practice was helmet's only.

“There are a good number of players starting the season,” said Head Coach Gary Crusha. The Coyotes have a total of 26 players with six returning seniors.

Those players are in no particular order: Dennis Pollite 12; Nick Painter 12; Andrew Young 12; Devon Brandl 12; Mac Baladenski 11; Kaison Berrey 11; Ethan Reddington 11; Clayton Langerud 11; Alex Green 11; Issac Burke 10; Reese Barton 10; Aiden Forrest 10; Devin Miller 10; Aaron White 9; Zion Sanders 9; Bryce Clerkin 10; Tristin Meeker 10; Taylor Brown 11; Tanner Newbrough 11; Aiden Mitchell 11; Bryan Rustemyer 9; Kevin Lair 10; Robert Perkins 11; and Dalton Smith 9.

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