Rep. Jim Hansen Capitol Report-General Assembly Concludes Successful Session

July 02, 2018

Rep. Jim Hansen Capitol Report


General Assembly Concludes Successful Session

The members of the Missouri House and Senate finished up an extremely productive legislative session May 18, 2018 as they gave final approval to several important measures. The regular session ended with the General Assembly giving final passage to more than 145 bills. The number represents a significant increase from the previous session, when the legislature pushed 76 bills across the legislative finish line. The bills approved this year make substantive improvements for the people of Missouri by lowering taxes for working families, cutting bureaucratic red tape, providing expanded educational opportunities to young people, supporting the state’s veterans, and protecting victims of human trafficking and domestic abuse.

This year’s legislative session also resulted in good news regarding taxes for Missouri citizens!

Working Family Tax Relief (HB 2540) - Missouri families will keep more of their paychecks under a tax cut approved by the General Assembly this session. The bill will provide Missourians with the largest single year income tax cut in the state’s history. The bill reduces the existing individual income tax rate from 5.9 percent to 5.5 percent. Additional triggers based upon revenue growth in the state will eventually lower the individual tax income rate to 5.1 percent, putting Missouri among the top states for lowest state income taxes.

Corporate Tax Reform (SB 884) – To make Missouri even more attractive to job creators, the legislature has approved a bill that will make Missouri’s corporate income tax the second lowest in the nation. The legislation will lower the corporate income tax rate from 6.25 percent to 4 percent in 2020. The bill is designed to be revenue neutral by closing loopholes in the current corporate tax structure. The legislation will also require all corporations to use a single-sales factor income allocation method, which will encourage investment and job creation in the state. The measure is meant to update the state’s outdated and complex corporate income tax code, and to create the best environment to drive economic development.

Rural Broadband

In a later report, I will discuss the importance of access to broadband internet in rural areas. Access to speedy internet is vital to the 40th District. Thankfully, the legislature acted on this issue during this year’s legislative session.

June Events

I attended many events in the month of June.

Pike County Memorial Hospital – In June I had the privilege of participating in a charity golf tournament hosted by the Pike County Memorial Hospital.

Stark Brothers Nurseries and Orchards – Next, I attended an event honoring Stark Brothers Nurseries and Orchards in Louisiana, where a historic plaque, recognizing the antiquity of the Stark Brothers Company, was unveiled to the public.

New Harmony Christian Church – On Friday, June 15, I was glad to attend the 175th Anniversary Celebration of New Harmony Christian Church in Pike County.

Highway 54 Coalition − On Tuesday, June 19, I attended a Highway 54 Coalition meeting in Bowling Green, where I enjoyed discussing Highway 54 with many who represent various interests in the corridor.

Pike County Mayors − I also attended a Pike County Mayors’ Meeting in Clarksville on Friday, June 22 and it was great to meet with mayors of Pike County cities and towns who work so hard to improve the lives of citizens by strengthening our communities.

Department of Corrections − I attended a Department of Corrections awards ceremony on Tuesday, June 26 in Jefferson City that recognized employees who received the Director’s Award of Valor.

Louisiana Bicentennial − On Saturday, June 30, I was privileged to attend the bicentennial celebration held for the city of Louisiana, where I participated in a parade and presented a resolution in honor of the occasion.

Looking Ahead

For legislative or other inquiries, always feel free to contact my office by calling or sending an email. While this year’s regular legislative session has ended, my staff and I are always available to assist with any issues you may have with state government. As always, your feedback is very important to me. It is an honor to serve.

Thank you for your continued support!

Working on your behalf,

Representative Jim Hansen

Proudly Serving the 40th House District

Lincoln, Monroe, Pike, & Ralls Counties

Missouri House of Representatives